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The way to reduce the cost for connector mold parts manufacturer

Publish time:2019-06-12   Click:84

Nowadays, the whole environment of the die and mould industry is in a bad state. If we want to survive, we must constantly improve. Reducing the cost of mould production is also an improvement method. So, if connector mold parts manufacturer want to reduce costs, what are the good ways? Let's take a look at it.

First of all, the most important thing to save costs is to change mindset. Most employees will have the idea that "I am not the boss, the cost has nothing to do with me", so reducing costs depends first on the mentality, connector mold parts manufacturer can advocate a culture of conservation and eliminate waste within the company.

Secondly, equipment maintenance and optimization. That is, through lean management to achieve low cost. Equipment maintenance is a big hole, eroding the profits of enterprises, equipment maintenance is often because it is not well maintained.

The third point is to reduce labor costs. Because the competition is getting bigger and bigger, and the salary of personnel is going up. To survive, we must pay attention to management, improve efficiency and reduce staffing.

Last but not least, quality improvement. High quality means low cost. In quality cost, it includes prevention cost, identification cost and failure cost. Connector die manufacturer Yize is now implementing the "zero scrap plan" to reduce scrap and save costs.

In order to survive in poor economic conditions, we need to reduce costs, but also to ensure quality.

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