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How to Determine Machining Allowance in Precision Mould Processing

Publish time:2019-07-08   Click:99

Machining allowance plays a very important role in precision mould processing, which directly affects the production efficiency and the use of raw materials. When the machining allowance is small, surface defects and various errors will be caused. Therefore, if the processing allowance can be determined properly in precision mould processing, unnecessary waste can be avoided.

So, what are the methods to determine the processing allowance?

1.Calculating method: It is more accurate to determine the processing allowance by calculating method, but it is necessary to master the necessary statistical data and certain measuring means.

2.Look-up table method: using the table data given by various manuals, and combining with the actual processing conditions, to determine the processing margin, this method is convenient and fast, and is used in production more.

3.Empirical method: Some experienced engineers or workers determine the processing allowance according to the site conditions and actual experience.

Above is the method to determine the processing margin in precision mould processing. Before that, Dongguan mould parts manufacturer Yize also summarized how to process when the processing margin is small. We hope these experiences can help you improve production efficiency.

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