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Do you know the importance of surface quality of precision connector mould parts

Publish time:2019-07-11   Click:104

Nowadays connector mould parts are widely used in all walks of life. With the continuous development of the mould industry, the precision requirement of connector mould parts is getting higher and higher. Especially the surface quality of precision connector mould parts is very important.

The surface quality of precision connector mould parts determines the wear resistance and lubrication conditions of parts. The work hardening of the surface layer improves the hardness of the surface layer of the part, which reduces the elasticity and plastic deformation of the surface, reduces the wear and improves the wear resistance of the part. However, excessive hardening will make the surface metal of the parts brittle, worn and even peeled, so the surface hardening layer of the precision connector mould parts must be controlled within a certain range.

At the same time, under different working conditions, the optimal surface roughness value of precision connector mould parts is different. The optimum surface roughness of parts under heavy load is larger than that under light load. Surface roughness contour shape and surface processing texture also affect the wear resistance of parts, because the surface contour shape and surface processing texture affect the actual contact area and lubrication of parts.

Therefore, connector mould part manufacturer must pay attention to the surface quality of precision connector mould parts. Dongguan Yize mould provides customers with automobile connector mould parts, computer connector mould parts and other precision mould parts for a long time. Product accuracy: dimensional tolerance (+0.001 mm), coaxiality within 0.002, true roundness within 0.0015 mm. Surface roughness Ra0.025 and straightness 300 mm are less than 0.002.

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