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TEL:86-769-8188 8522

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How to choose precision tungsten carbide mould parts manufacturer?

Publish time:2019-08-21   Click:147

When we choose precision tungsten carbide mould parts manufacturer, we should first consider the strength of the manufacturer, then the raw materials, quality, accuracy, service and so on. However, it is more troublesome to compare one by one. Today, Yize thoroughly helps you solve these troubles. Why do precision tungsten carbide mould parts manufacturer choose Yize mould?

Firstly, let me briefly introduce the production strength of precision tungsten carbide mould parts manufacturer Yize. Yize Mould was founded in 2007, serving the world's top 500 for more than ten years, with rich professional knowledge and production team. Precision tungsten steel parts are exported to Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions, and have been recognized and supported by customers at home and abroad. Below, we mainly introduce the production details of Yize precision tungsten steel parts.

1. Material and processing accuracy: Good raw materials of tungsten steel are the first condition to improve the processing efficiency of precise tungsten steel parts. All raw materials of our company are imported from Datong, Hitachi and Switzerland, and equipped with advanced import matching and price technology. The acid and alkali resistance of our products is more than three times higher than that of our counterparts, and the dimension tolerance of our products is <0.001 M. M, coaxiality less than 0.002, true roundness 0.0015 mm, surface roughness Ra0.025, straightness 300 mm less than 0.002. High precision, wear resistance, quality package you are satisfied.


2. Welcome to the drawing customization: In addition to processing standard parts of precision tungsten carbide mould parts, our company can also customize non-standard tungsten steel products according to customer's requirements. Whatever special requirements, especially tungsten steel products requiring precision processing of internal threads, Yize can meet the processing requirements of high-standard precision tungsten steel in this respect, and according to customer's drawings. Paper is the standard of precision tolerance.

3. Good service. On the premise of guaranteeing product quality, we have stable delivery date and thoughtful after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction and reassurance.

We hope to find long-term cooperation customers, mutual benefit and win-win situation, look forward to working with you.


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