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Correct Overhaul Methods of Plastic Mold Parts

Publish time:2019-08-26   Click:149

Regular overhaul of plastic mold parts plays a vital role in the service life of the mold. The following are some overhaul methods of plastic mold parts, which can ensure the effective operation of hot runner, heater, guide pillar and ejector forming inserts, in order to prevent accidents.

Overhaul methods of plastic mold parts:

1. Check whether there is rust or dampness in the air vent. If there is, it means that the internal condensation or water pipe may break down. The dampness phenomenon will cause the heater short circuit.


2. Sliding stop. This work should be done once a week for machines that run continuously throughout the year.


3. Interactively verify the resistance of heater. If the resistance value fluctuates at (±10%), it is necessary to consider replacing the heater to ensure that it will not fail at the critical moment in the production process. If the initial resistance value has never been measured, it is measured once and used as reference data for future inspection of the heater.

4.See if there is any sign of wear between the guide pillar and the guide sleeve. Generally, the wear of plastic mould parts is caused by lack of lubrication. If the wear is serious, new parts need to be replaced.

Above is the overhaul methods of plastic mold parts. Whether it is plastic mould parts or other precision mould parts, they need to be carefully maintained and frequently repaired. Only in this way can the normal operation of the mould be guaranteed. Hoping the above methods can be helpful.


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