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How to choose precision mold inserts material?

Publish time:2019-08-27   Click:145

Mold inserts refer to the precise parts used for the key operation of the central part of the die. The general structure of precision mold inserts is very complex, the processing is very difficult, and the cost is very high. The manual expenditure of manufacturing is often much higher than the material itself.

The quality of precision mold inserts material is directly related to the service life of the die and the price of the die. In order to choose the precision mold inserts material reasonably, we must first understand the characteristics of the die material and die material commonly used in the die, and then choose them according to our actual working experience.

Precision mould part manufacturer Yize summarizes the characteristics of several precision mold inserts materials:

1) P20: It is generally suitable for plastic moulds requiring high hardness, high toughness and wear resistance. Nitriding can improve the life of moulds. It is suitable for PS, PE, PP, ABS and other thermoplastics without fire retardant and flame retardant. It is a common moulding material in moulds, and its price is relatively low.

2) 738: Compared with P20, the performance of 738H is better than 738, and the service life of the die is improved accordingly.

3) NAK80: EDM and polishing performance are better, generally used in plastic products with higher transparency requirements.

4) 2316: Suitable for high acidic plastic moulds, with high finish and high acid resistance, commonly used in moulds of plastic materials for forming PVC.

5)2344: Usually used in plastic hard die, its die life can reach 1 million times, but because of the high cost of the die, it is suitable for plastic products with large production. The same is true for hard die materials such as 8407 and SKD11.

Precision mold inserts processing equipment: CNC Precision Processing Center, Computer Processing Center, MC Processing Center, Slow Walking Wire, Wire Cutting Machine, Grinder, Optical Grinder, Computer Gong Machine, Surface Grinder and so on.

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