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New Requirements for the Development of Precision Mould Component Manufacturer

Publish time:2019-08-30   Click:138

After more than 30 years of development, China has become the world's largest mould manufacturing and consumption country, and shows a steady development and optimization and upgrading trend. According to statistics, China's total export of molds in 2017 was 5.49 billion US dollars, with 201 export destination countries (or regions). Mould imports totaled US$2.051 billion, a slight increase of 2.43% over the previous year.


The development of the die industry also puts forward new requirements for the development of precision mould component manufacturer. Nowadays, die processing is developing towards high accuracy and efficiency, and die products are also developing towards large-scale, precision, high performance and integration. Firstly, the development of precision mould component manufacturer needs to put forward new requirements for their own equipment applications. Pursue the modularization of non-standard products, technical specifications and standardization of process management, and strive to achieve precise control, intelligent monitoring and stable production. Specific indicators are:

1. Improve equipment utilization ratio and optimize man-machine ratio step by step
2. Benchmark, Knowledge Base Management, Parts and Modular Manufacturing
3. Braking of Machining Units
4. Invest in a lot of professional equipment
5. Implementing manufacturing process control and result management



Only by striving to meet the new requirements of the development of precision mould component manufacturer, can we lead the precision mould manufacturing industry and contribute to the development of China's mold manufacturing industry. Mold manufacturing enterprises should actively strive for change, unite as one, and actively welcome the advent of the era of intelligent manufacturing.


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