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Daily Maintenance of Mold Inserts

Publish time:2019-10-04   Click:160

In order to make the mold processing flow more smoothly, improve production efficiency and product quality, the daily maintenance of mold parts can not be ignored. Mold inserts is an important component of the mold. Here, Yize summarizes several methods of daily maintenance of mold insert for you.

Key Points 1. Check the presence of foreign bodies in the chute
The mold insert will sink after prolonged use. At this time, it is necessary to check whether there is any foreign matter in the slot and clean it in time.

Points 2. Look at cracks and damage in corners

It is unavoidable to encounter bumps in the use of mold inserts. Some small bumps can not be ignored. Periodic comprehensive inspection should be carried out. It is necessary to know that cracks and damages will affect the normal function of mold inserts, and timely repair can be avoided.

Key Points 3. Cleanliness of Keeping Clearance

Because lubricating oil will be added to the die insert when it is used, if the oil stain after use stays in the gap for a long time, it will make the activity of the die insert less flexible, so the oil stain should be cleaned up with a special cleaner.

Key Points 4. Lubrication is required for parts of regular activities

One of the major advantages of mold inserts is to prevent the die from being damaged. Aiming at the parts that often move, some lubricating oil is added to avoid the phenomenon of karton, so that the wear range can be controlled in time.


The above is an important part of the die inserts maintenance, is a very basic maintenance work, every day to spend a little time to maintain can extend the life of the mold insert, improve the efficiency of mold processing, a lot of related content can be seen in our previous articles.


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