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TEL:86-769-8188 8522

FAX:86-769-8188 8548

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Dongguan excellent tool and die maker

Publish time:2019-11-04   Click:134

Now more and more customers are looking for suitable tool and die maker. Today we will come to learn about Dongguan excellent tool and die maker----Yize Mould.

Yize not only has an experienced precision mold parts processing team, but also actively introduces foreign advanced production technology and equipment in technology and equipment. Our company's mold products are trusted by foreign customers and continue to operate in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. It is an excellent tool and die maker in Dongguan.

As a professional tool and die maker, Yize has decades of production experience, has a certain reputation in the industry, and also has a wealth of stamping die parts, plastic mold parts, connector molds and core pins, sleeve parts customized production experience. Today, Yize has also developed in the fields of tungsten steel round parts, precision machinery parts and components, and non-standard round parts.

Customer trust is our driving force. We welcome drawings and we will provide customers with quality mold parts according to customer requirements.


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Address:3/F, Factory Building, No.62, Jinghai East Road, Shatou District, 

Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

TEL:86-769-8188 8522

FAX:86-769-8188 8548