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Precision mould parts surface treatment process

Publish time:2019-11-06   Click:131

In actual processing, the requirements for strength and toughness of precision mould parts are relatively high. At the same time, its working performance and service life are closely related to its surface properties. Today, we will briefly analyze the precision mould parts surface treatment process.

Surface properties cannot be improved by simply relying on materials. At this time, surface treatment technology is needed. In recent years, the surface treatment techniques for precision mould parts has developed rapidly.

Polishing is a very important part of the precision mould parts surface treatment process. It is worth noting that polishing will be affected by the process and polishing equipment, and will also be affected by the specularity of the part material, that is, the polishing will be affected by the material. . Although the processing technology for improving the surface performance of precision mould parts is constantly being upgraded and upgraded, the most widely used in the processing of precision parts is mainly the deposition of hardened film, and the nitriding and carburizing technologies.

Dongguan Yize Mould has advanced precision mould parts surface treatment process. Product accuracy: dimensional tolerance ± 0.001mm, coaxiality within 0.002, true roundness 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025, straightness 300mm within 0.002. Welcome to map customization.

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