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What are the advantages of CNC precision mould parts processing?

Publish time:2019-11-15   Click:193

In mechanical processing industry, machining accuracy is often largely determines the machining quality of parts, and the high requirement of CNC precision mould parts processing itself is a kind of processing methods, the relative traditional processing method can achieve better effect, there are many other do not have the advantage of processing way, so what's the advantage of CNC precision mould parts processing? The following yize for everyone to do a simple introduction:


1, multi-axis control linkage: generally, three-axis linkage is the most commonly used, but through some adjustments can be achieved four axis, five axis, seven axis or even more linkage axis machining center.


2, parallel machine tool: the common machining center function is relatively fixed, can be the machining center and turning center, or vertical, horizontal machining center combined together, which can increase the processing range and processing capacity of the machining center.


3, tool damage early warning: the use of some technical detection means, can timely find the wear and tear of the tool, and the alarm, so that it can be timely replacement of the tool, to ensure the processing quality of parts.


4, tool life management: can work at the same time of the tool and the same tool on multiple blades for unified management, in order to improve production efficiency.


5, machine overload power off protection: according to the load of the production process to set the maximum load, when the load reached the set value, the machine can achieve automatic power off shutdown, to protect the machine.


The above is the advantages of CNC precision mould parts processing summarized by connector mould part manufacturer yize. Yize provide precision CNC machining, product accuracy: dimensional tolerance ±0.001mm, coaxiality within 0.002, roundness within 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025, straightness within 300mm within 0.002.

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