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Precision connector mould part manufacturer processing process requirements

Publish time:2019-11-19   Click:179

In a fiercely competitive environment, customers will mainly look at the processing technology of suppliers. What are the processing requirements of precision connector mould part manufacturer? Let's take a look together.

Because precision mold processing is one of the most effective methods for enterprise mechanical mold processing, it is compared with the traditional processing technology. It adopts the procedure of reducing the number of times of loading and operating steps of the workpiece, and maintaining the orientation and perfect process manufacturing.

In order to ensure the precision of mold processing, improve the quality of production and reduce the production cost, precision connector mould part manufacturer have strong oxidizing properties and also exhibit the following characteristics:

1. There is a certain low deformation resistance, and the temperature range has a certain range.
2. High and balanced surface strength of quenching.
3. The quality requirements of the grinding wheel and the cooling environment are unstable, and it is not easy to cause injury and cracks.
4. The cutting amount is relatively large, the wear degree is relatively low, and the surface roughness is low.

Yize Mould is a precision connector mould part manufacturer in Dongguan. We can provide you with professional precision connector mould parts manufacturing services! Please contact us if necessary!

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