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What kinds of parts are commonly used in stamping die?

Publish time:2019-12-06   Click:169

In the daily stamping production commonly used stamping die by what kind of components? Let's get to know together.

Common stamping die consists of process parts and auxiliary parts:

I. process parts

The parts in contact with the blank in the die work are called process parts, which are divided into the following three categories

1) working parts directly force the blank to produce separation or deformation parts such as punch, die, punch, etc.

2) locate the part to determine the correct position of the blank during stamping. Such as locating pin, locating plate, retaining pin, guide pin, guide plate, fixed distance side edge, side press, etc.

3)press, discharge and discharge parts, such as blank holder, discharge plate, ejector, top pin, push plate, push (punch) rod, waste cutter, etc.

2. Auxiliary parts.

The parts that do not contact with the blank in the die work are called auxiliary parts, which are divided into the following three categories:

1) guide the parts to the positive direction of the die to ensure that the upper and lower dies of the die fit correctly. Such as guide sleeve, guide post, guide plate, guide block, etc.

3) the supporting and clamping parts assemble the parts of the stamping die to form the integral parts of the upper and lower dies, such as the upper and lower templates. The parts needed to bear the working pressure of punch and die, such as base plate, are supporting parts. The clamping parts include a fixing plate, a die handle, etc.
3) fastening parts and other special parts, including screws and pins on the die and special parts attached to achieve a certain function.

The above is the details of stamping die parts, precision punch and die components processing, choose Dongguan Yize Mould.


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